Glenn Maarse PhD Psychologist with individual and group therapy in Seattle
Glenn Maarse Seattle Counselor & Psychologist

Making the Time to Understand

Thank you for taking a step in self-discovery by visiting my practice.

Throughout our lives, we’ll encounter difficulties.  Sometimes we pass through them unharmed.  But there are times when we can’t proceed through certain challenges.  We get blocked.  Coping mechanisms we used in the past no longer work.  Why?  These issues have the potential to impact our work, relationships, behavior, and potential to move on, succeed, and thrive. They don’t have to.

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Washington for over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to treat people with a wide variety of concerns.  I believe we need to invest the time to understand ourselves and our personal history in order to address our behaviors in a lasting way today.  I believe that medication alone can’t solve our problems.  When a behavior’s origins are discovered, we can then apply the appropriate solutions. 

I provide treatment for individuals and couples to help with:

  • Anxiety, depression, stress and related symptoms:  fear, restlessness, body aches, tension, paralysis, compulsions, addictions, and difficulties with time management.
  • Reoccurring negative habits or behaviors. 
  • Relationship difficulties involving emotional/physical intimacy and communication challenges.

My approach to therapy aims to provide the space and security necessary to focus on your concerns and hopes through careful attention, analysis, and understanding.   I believe that therapy is a vital process we can pursue in order to relieve pain and distress.  I would like the chance to meet with you to see if I can help.

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