Glenn Maarse PhD Psychologist with individual and group therapy in Seattle

Glenn works with individuals and group therapy counseling

I am experienced in applying several proven techniques in helping others.  My main approach, however, is driven by contemporary viewpoints in Psychoanalytic theory.  This approach takes into consideration one’s development and emphasizes an interpersonal experience that highlights the meaningful ways that two people can make sense of life.  This form of treatment can be shorter term or longer term depending on the needs of the individual and the scope of the problem.  It is an avenue for self discovery and personal growth and can lead to the establishment of healthy relationships with the self, others and the world at large.

Throughout our lives we learn as best we can to cope with ourselves and the world; developing mechanisms, patterns and ways of relating that help us negotiate through the ups and downs of life.  Sometimes these mechanisms can help us but sometimes they can actually create stress and lead to negative symptoms and problems in our social and personal environments.  Through the analysis of these protective mechanisms, we can better understand what can shift in order to bring about wanted changes.  We have the opportunity in the therapeutic relationship to explore ways of relating and regulating emotional reactions to discover new approaches and enhance the understanding of ourselves.

Sometimes it is difficult to give up familiar ways of being and relating.  This is especially the case in addictions, problematic relationship patterns and behaviors which have developed to soothe unconscious pains. And through understanding, we can plot the steps forward. 

Highlights of my approach to helping you:

  • Understanding your unique self and life situation and helping you achieve goals
  • Exploring areas of the self that are lesser known, yet continue to cause problems
  • Using the therapy relationship to better understand how you can develop your self
  • Exploring resistance to change
  • Understanding, exploring and working through adaptations that have formed in response to stress

Glenn Maarse Ph.D. – Clinical Psychology       124 E. Edgar St. Seattle, WA 98102        206-323-3243